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Ready To Make Some Important Career Choices?

Career Records was launched in the fall of 2002 by Deniz Tek and Ron Sanchez as an outlet for their many musical projects. The label is fully self contained, with a small circle of of musicians and artists who lend their talents as needed. God's Little Ear Acre is the in house recording studio where much of the work is carried out.


The goal has always been to work with select group of artists we respect. While we might like to have signed others, our small roster, Donovan's Brain, The Nomads, Roy Loney and Deniz Tek are the priorities for us at the moment.

Career Records also  maintains a mail order shop, offering all the the Career releases, and a number of other related items. We also administer distribution for The Last Of The Bad Men and Richard Treece. You will find Career Records music on CD Baby and iTunes, and a dozen other digital platforms if you prefer to shop there.

As well as the shop and artist information, you will find photo galleries, essays about what we do and reviews of artists and music we like, Ron's radio show play lists, and a news page that is updated regularly.

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March 27, 2014
Deniz Tek New Record And A European Tour

Deniz Tek will be returning to the studio in early May to resume work on the follow up to Detroit. Several songs were recorded in the summer of 2013. It is hoped the balance of the album can be tracked over the two days scheduled. Deniz, Ric Parnell and Bob Brown will also be recording a radio session for Jack Rabid. Time has also been booked for Deniz to added guitar to the new Donovan's Brain album.

Dates for a June European Tour should be confirmed soon. What for that announcement.


January 27, 2014
New Release 2014

Expect a pair of singles at the end of summer. The plan is to release a Deniz Tek 45 and a Nomads - Donovan's Brain split EP. This will be all unreleased material. Deniz plans to record the A-side when he visits in May. The flip was recorded during the course of the Detroit sessions.

Donovan's Brain are offering up a song recorded for Turned Up Later, but not used. A second Brain track may be added to their side. The Nomads contribute a cover of an unreleased Brain song they recorded in 1999. This also features appearances by Richard Treece and Ron Sanchez.


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