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Ready To Make Some Important Career Choices?

Career Records was launched in the fall of 2002 by Deniz Tek and Ron Sanchez as an outlet for their many musical projects. The label is fully self contained, with a small circle of of musicians and artists who lend their talents as needed. God's Little Ear Acre is the in house recording studio where much of the work is carried out.


The goal has always been to work with select group of artists we respect. While we might like to have signed others, our small roster, Donovan's Brain, The Nomads, Roy Loney and Deniz Tek are the priorities for us at the moment.

Career Records also  maintains a mail order shop, offering all the the Career releases, and a number of other related items. We also administer distribution for The Last Of The Bad Men and Richard Treece. You will find Career Records music on CD Baby and iTunes, and a dozen other digital platforms if you prefer to shop there.

As well as the shop and artist information, you will find photo galleries, essays about what we do and reviews of artists and music we like, Ron's radio show play lists, and a news page that is updated regularly.

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May 13, 2020
Deniz Tek Detroit Repress

Deniz Tek's album Detroit has been out of print on both CD and vinyl for some time. We were offered a chance to repress the vinyl by our manufacture. Furnace was clearing their warehouse and let us know they still had the metal parts needed for a repress. This will be the third repress and limited to 300 copies.


May 1, 2020
Keeping Busy

Career Records has been quietly busy during this world wide crisis. Deniz Tek was forced to cancel a short Australian tour. He's now back in Hawaii working on material for his next album. His plans for an August recording session are currently uncertain.

Donovan's Brain has been moving forward on songs for their next album. Ric Parnell was able to travel to GLEA just prior to the Montana lock down for a two day recording session. Drums were added to ten new songs. Finish work is now proceeding at a rapid pace. Bob Sutliff and Ron Sanchez have colaborated on a new song which should appear on either the Brain album or Bob's solo album.

Long term plans also include a Roy Loney And The Long Shots compilation. Full Grown Head has been out of print almost as soon as it was released. JIm Sangster is researching the Egg Studio archives for all the necessary materials.


December 14, 2019
Roy Loney

Yesterday morning we learned Roy Loney had lost a long battle with a severe illness. Career Records is saddened to lose a very special friend.














August 8, 2019
*******New Deniz Tek Vinyl Release Update******

Delays at the pressing plant have pushed back the release date for the Fast Freight vinyl edition. We have now been promised Sept 15 delivery. ådvance orders will still be accepted. The CD is in stock and shipping now.

Available at the Career Records Shop now


August , 2019
Donovan's Bain Burnt Trees In The Snow Special Offer

The Career Shop is offering Burnt Trees in several bundles which add Donovan's Brain catalot items at a discount. Follow the link to the Brain Catalog Bundles..

Available at the Career Records Shop now




August 8, 2019
New Deniz Tek Album Order Now

Deniz Teks's new album Fast Freight is now available for order. Recorded in August 2018 with Art and Steve Godoy. Fast Freight was recorded over just two days at Bob Brown's Ship's In Studio in Billings, Montana. The trio played live and loud direct to 8-track tape. The new album is basic, no-frills electric guitar rock and roll, recorded and mixed entirely on vintage analog equipment.

Available at the Career Records Shop now


August 5, 2019
Order The New Donovan's Brain Album Now

Burnt Trees In The Snow, a new joint release by Fraudband via Kasumuen (Oz) and Donovan’s Brain via Career Records (US) is now available for pre-order.

This ten song split album features one side apiece, five songs from each band.

Fraudband hails from Melbourne Australia. They bring a guitar and drum instrumental sound to the proceedings. The results landing somewhere around planet Sonic Youth aboard the good ship Link Wray. Montana’s Donovan's Brain delivers their Technicolor brand of Paisley Pop jangle finished with Abbey Road textures and West Coast guitar sounds. The results are an appealing contrast.

This limited edition vinyl only release includes a download card with six bonus tracks. Fraudband offer up three live recordings, while Donovan’s Brain contributed three outtakes from the Convolutions Of The Brain box set.

Order from the Career Records Shop

or for Australian and Asian customers...

Kasumuen Records

Kasumuen ships from Australia. Career Records ships from USA

Street date is August 21st


August 2, 2019
Donovan's Brain Live

Donovan's Brain played live the first time in 15 years on Tuesday July 30. The occasion was the screening of the Montana music doc So Good I Can't Take It. It was also a chance to launch the new split album Burnt Trees In The Snow


February 18, 2019
New Releases

Kasumuen Records Australia and Career Records USA are excited to annonunce a trans-Pacific collaboration. These two forward looking labels will be working together on selected releases which will carry both the Career and Kasumuen name. These releases will be available in Australia and the US via the labels and their respective networks, as well as in Europe and Asia via distributors.

Career Records was founded in 2002 by Ron Sanchez and Deniz Tek as an outlet for their music, productions and selected artists. Its artist roster includes: Deniz Tek, Donovan’s Brain, Roy Loney And The Long Shots, The Nomads, Penny Ikinger, Angie Pepper, Scott Morgan and The Plaintiffs.    

Kasumuen Records was founded in 2014 with a similar outlook. Its artist releases include: The Sand Pebbles, Xylouris/White. Fraudband. Baby 8, New Rock Syndicate, Paul Kidney Experience and Powerline Sneakers

The first Career-Kasumuen (or Kasumuen-Career, which ever sounds best) release will be a Donovan’s Brain - Fraudband split album. Vinyl only, it features five new songs by each band plus additional unreleased material via download card included. 

Release date is penciled in for August 16th 2019, with two more co-releases scheduled, details to be announced when finalised.


February 9, 2019
New Releases

The release schedule for 2019 and beyond is now shaping up.
Final mixes for Deniz Tek's new album are being completed by Bob Brown at his Ships In studio in Billings. More details about this new album will be announced shortly.

Donovan's Brain are working on five new songs for a split albbum to be released in Australia and worldwide via Career Records. This is the first project of a collaboration which should result in an expanded Career Records operation. Again more details to follow soon. One new song has been written for this album. Four others have been drawn from the pool of songs earmarked for the next two Brain albums.

The Career Record Shop will have links to our Australian partner's mail order. The upcoming releases will be offered locally in the US and Australia. This will be the first time in 15 years that Career will have Australian distribution. We hope to have product in Australian shops by the end of summer.


November 26, 2018
Career Shop Sale

Visit the Career Records Shop for some great deals.
We have a few copies of Deniz Tek's album Mean Old Twister on vinyl and CD which are available as a nice priced bundle with a copy of Den's new album Lost For Words.

Donovan's Brain new box set can is bundled several different ways with other Brain matter. All at great savings.

Shop Here Now

November 25, 2018
Donovan's Brain
Three New Releases

Coming in the next few weeks is Hit The Hay Vol 10, a colleciton of Power Pop bands on the Swedish Sound Asleep label. We put together a new song, The Best Mistake for this release. A few weeks ago Tom Dyer at Green Monkey asked if we could contribute to a Christmas Holiday charity compilation. I suggested we finish up one of the new songs Two Old Cats. Kris Hughes offered to rewrite the lyircs and sing it. The new song is called Gray Whiskers (Winter Cats). The song was mixed as soon as Bobby Sutliff's guitar solo was added. More news about this as soon as known.

The third release is a collection of Montana bands from the 70s and 80s on the Lost Sounds label run by Dave Martens. This is the follow up to the 60s collection Long Time Coming. This new release is the companion to a documentary filmed by Kirk Leclaire. Donovan's Brain fall into this time frame, though most of our recordings are from the 90s. Band members Ron Sanchez, Kels Koch and Jim Kehoe were interviewed for the film. Don't Thank Me from Tiny Crustacean Light Show will be remixed for this release. A remixed, remodeled release of Tiny Crust is penciled in on the Career release schedule for 2020. Work on that will continue as time allows. A new album is the primary focus right now.


August 27, 2018
Deniz Tek - Lost For Words
Available Now

Deniz Tek's new album, Lost For Words will be released September 1st, 2018. Vinyl and CD are available now for order. Visit the Career Records Shop now.







June 4, 2018
Convolutions Of Donovan's Brain - In Stock

Production delays pushed the delivery date back to June 1. All advace orders have now been shipped. We are now taking orders at the Career Shop.

If you have trouble accessing the shop on your mobile device, please visit our Discogs Shop. Discogs is also Credit Card friendly if you choose to not use PayPal


April10, 2018
Convolutions Of Donovan's Brain - Order Now

****Out May 14, 2018*****

18 months after work began, the second Donovan's Brain archive set is now complete. The deluxe packaging design was delivered last week, approved and sent to press.

3 discs, 4 hours of music, 49 songs, a 20 page full color booklet housed in a deluxe DVD size cover. Rare phtos, original Richard Treece art and an essay by Malcolm Morley. This set is limited to 500 copies. More track information can be found on the Convolutions Page.

Convolutions Of The Brain 1991 - 2016 was conceived as a tribute to Richard Treece. The centerpiece of the set is the complete Terrastock Rehearsals with Richard. Recorded live in the studio on 16 track analog tape for historical purposes, it was determined these performances were sutible for release. All newly mixed and mastered. Several other unreleased tracks, Terrastock extras, and rare tracks are also included. The set is rounded out with unreleased recordings, rare compilation tracks, live recordings and film music. Most tracks have been remixed for this set and all mastered by Gary Hobish for this release. The cast includes Deniz Tek, Malcoplm Morley, Ken Whaley, Dave Walker, Bobby Sutliff, Ric Parnell, Tom Stevens and Scott Sutherland.

Pre-orders are now available at the Career Records Shop. Career is also offering 3 specially priced bundles, collecting other Donovan's Brain Career releases, vinyl and CD. These bundles are being offered for a limited time.

The new Deniz Tek album, Lost For Words is also now in the production pipeline and set for September 1st release.


December 16, 2017
End Of Year Summary

Deniz Tek's new album is now scheduled for late summer 2018 release. Eleven songs were recorded mid-August with Keith Streng, Ric Parnell, Bob Brown and Ron Sanchez at GLEA. Additional guitar overdubs were carried out in Billings with Bob Brown. Work retured to Bozeman where extensive keyboard and guitar overdubs were added. Pip Hoyle added piano parts to a pair of songs, completing principal work on the album. The tracks will be mixed at Sugarhill with long time Radio Birdman friend Mort Bradley. Deniz will be doing an acoustic tour of Europe, as well as dates with Radio Birdman in the fall.

The Donovan's Brain box set will see release in March 2018. The complex artwork for the booklet and work on Deniz's album has pushed back the release date. Work on the new Brain album continues. 21 songs are on the A-list of songs to be completed. Writing and recording continues.


June 4, 2017
New Deniz Tek Album
New Donovan's Brain Albums

Work on the follow up to Mean Old Twister will begin in ten days. Deniz's new album will be an all instrumental surf album. Joining Deniz in the studio will beguitarist Keith Streng fresh off Den's spring tour. Ric Parnell and Bob Brown will be returning as the studio rhythm section. Ron Sanchez will be suppling the keyboards as well are engineering the sessions. Ten new songs have been written for the album, including one featured on the recent tour. The album may also include the rare tour single B-side Song For Dave.

Work on the Brain box set artwork is nearly complete. The elaborate package and 20 page book has taken longer than expected to complete. Meanwhile work on the new Donovan's Brain album is moving forward. There are at least 16 songs currently in the work folder and several more under consideration.



June 28, 2017
Donovan's Brain Box Set

The Donovan's Brain box set, Convolutions Of The Brain is now nearing the August 31st release date. The cover art is being prepared by long time Brain design collaborator Tom Azure. The first drafts of the cover and booklet art have been delivered for review.

The set contains four hours of unreleased and rare Donovan's Brain recordings spanning the years 1991 through 2017. Gruitarist Richard Treece is featured on half of the material. Deniz Tek, Dave Walker, Ken Whaley and Malcolm Morley also contribute.

The three CD set is packaged in a DVD sized cover and comes with a 20 page booklet which includes track details and photos. Convolutions Of The Brain will be limited to 500 copies.




May 21, 2017
Radio Birdman Australian Tour

Radio Birdman and Died Pretty will be doin a short tour around Australia in June. The bands will be alternating the headline slot.

Deniz Tek has written the material for his next solo album, an all instrumental surf collection. One of the new songs was previewed on the recent tour.






March 16, 2017
Deniz East Coast Tour Dates

Deniz Tek will be doing three East Coast dates at the end of the month before heading to Spain. The band has expanded to include Keith Streng on guitar. Ron Sanchez from the Career House Band and Donovan's Brain will be sitting in with the new Deniz Tek Group for the New Haven and New York City Shows. This is a rare outing for this line up.

Ssessions for Deniz's next two albums will begin in August in Bozeman. Meanwhile work on the new Donovan's Brain record is continuing. Ex-Winkies lead singer Philip Rambow has agreed to lend a band. Ric Parnell will be returning to GLEA in April for drum sessions and Bobby Sutliff has penciled in aa visit for later this year.


February 3, 2017
Prison Mouse Video And New Deniz Tek Album

Deniz and James Williamson have joined up for the Acoustic KO project. A four song ep of acoustic Stooges covers is set for release.

Plans for recording new material this summer are now being arranged. Deniz has delivered 8 demos. A guitar instrumental album will be recorded with Ric Parnell and Bob Brown. A second album of new songs is also being discussed.

December 24, 2016
Donovan's Brain Box Set

Work on the Donovan's Brain Box Set, Convolutions Of The Brain, is now nearly complete. One song is awaiting a new bass part. Four others are scheduled for remixing. The 48 song, three CD set contains four hours of music. The centerpiece of the set are 13 Terrastock Rehearsal performances recorded in the studio with Richard Treece. There will be 23 Treece performances spread over the three discs, over two hours of rare and unreleased songs featuring his amazing guitar.

Convolutions gathers up all the Brain compilation and tribute tracks, 10 film soundtracks songs, and 11 never before released pieces. Three priviously released album tracks have got new mixes. Joey's In The Pouch will appear twice each featuring a unique Richard Teece guitar solo not heard on the original release.

Deniz Tek is heard on nine songs, including a live in the studio Brain version of the Radio Birdman tune More Fun. Dave Walker, Ken Whaley and Malcolm Morley also make major appearences.

You will find complete details on the Convolutions Of The Brain page. Jump Here

The set is scheduled to be released on September 1st, 2017.



September 24, 2016
Deniz Tek - Mean Old Twister Order Now

Deniz Tek's new album Mean Old Twister is now available for advance order. The album and CD each feature unique cover art. The CD comes with an 8 page booklet. The vinyl includes a download card. Visit the Career Records Mail Order Shop Here

Deniz will be playing two album launch gigs in Australia. A European tour is scheduled for Spring 2017. US shows are cunnently being discussed.

• SYDNEY: Friday 7 October at the Factory Floor

• NEWCASTLE: Saturday 8 October at the Cambridge Hotel Front Bar


August 24, 2016
Deniz Tek - Mean Old Twister Release Date

Mean Old Twister is now set for a September 30th release. Cds are now being prepared. The twelve new songs are all Deniz Tek originals, with one collaboration with Rob Younger. Rob also mixed the album. Australian show are booked for the release date. A Euro tour is scheduled for Spring 2017.

The vinyl release sports a Deniz Tek painting on the cover. The CD is a photograph of Deniz's famous Epiphone guitar. Read More Here

Planning for the follow up has already begun. More about that soon.


May 13, 2016
Deniz Tek - Mean Old Twister
Donovan's Brain Sighting

Deniz Tek's new album titled Mean Old Twister is set for release at the end of August. The album is at the pressing plant and the cover design completed. The twelve new originals pick up where Detroit left off. A couple of new musical textures are added to keep things moving forward. The album will be available on CD and vinyl. Citadel will release the CD in Australia.

Meanwhile, Donovan's Brain member Tony Miller made a brief appearence in Bozeman. Tony was travelling for work and had the chance to see much of Western Montana. Drinks and dinner were had. Tony had a listen to a new song which has been under construction, Ministry Of False Alarms. He suggested a vocal part he could add. The track has been sent to Color Wheel for overdubs.

Work on the next Donovan's Brain album of new material will continue while the second archive project moves to the head of the line. This double disc set will cover the period 1995 to 2015 and feature Richard Treece. The GLEA vault holds several hours of unreleased songs and performances. This set will also round up several compilation tracks. A full track listing will appear in the near future.


January 30, 2016
Career Records Shop News

All non-US orders will now be processed through our store. Postage will be calcuated for each order. In the past the postage costs were included in the price. This method is no longer possible. We will continue to offer all Career Releases at the lowest price possible. Ordering multiple will reduce the postage per item.


January 18, 2016
Donovan's Brain - Radio Airplay Around The World
New Albums In The Works

Donovan's Brain have been getting heavy radio play El Sotono Show heard on Radio Three, Spanish National Radio and The Plastico Elastico Show. Sebastian Gerber has continued to play Heriloom Varieties on his Cosmik Debris Show at 3MDR-fm In Australia as has Jack Rabid on The Big Take Over Radio Show. Heirloom Varieties was on Jack's Top 100 for 2015 list.

Donovan's Brain are currently recording demos for a new album and single. Work has also begun on a second release from the archives. This new collection will feature Richard Treece. Two tracks for this double CD have been mixed over the last weeks. No release dates have been set.


November 09, 2015
Donovan's Brain - Brighten Up Show Video


October 28, 2015
Donovan's Brain - Heirloom Varieties Vinyl In Stock

The vinyl edition of Heirloom Varieties was delivered today on schedule. The 11 song album comes with a download card for the full 14 song CD running order. The albums has received good reviews and heavy radio play around the world. Visit the Career Shop to purchase the vinyl or CD versions. To celebrate this new release, the Donovan's Brain catalog is being offered at a special low price.




September 14, 2015
Donovan's Brain - New Album Available Now

The new Donovan's Brain album is now available from the Career Records Shop. The 14 song CD edition is shipping now. The 11 song vinyl edition will ship in late October. A download card is included with every vinyl copy.

Read the first review of the new album Here

Streaming audio and a detailed song by song breakdown of the album can be found at



August 8, 2015
Deiz Tek - New Album

Work on Deniz's new album in now nearly completed. Deniz has been back in Montana for a few days and made time to review progress and supervise additional overdubs. Ron Sanchez from Donovan's Brain added keyboards to two tracks. Deniz revised his guitar parts and added fresh vocals. He figured coming off a month long Radio Birdman tour would see him playing in top form.

Rob Younger has asked if he could mix the new album. Deniz is currently negotiating with Sydney recording studios for session dates. It is hoped he will be able to get the album mixed and mastered before the end of the year. Release date will be announced.



June 28, 2015
Donovan's Brain Album #9

Heirloom Varieties, the vinyl edition has now been mastered and sent off to be pressed. If all goes will expect an October 1 release. The CD variation will head off to the the factory in a few weeks. Fourteen songs were completed for this album. The LP has a modified 11 song track listing due to time limitations. A 14 song download card will be included.

The last few months of work on the new album saw several last minute changes and additions. As expected Matt Piucci added his distinctive guitar to a pair of tracks. The unexpected arrival of Chis Wilkinson-Hughes on vocals has been a welcome addition. Kris is from the same Jackson, MS scene as Bobby. She currently lives in the UK and fronts her own band Cicero Buck. Expect to hear more of Kris on the next album.

The first tentitive work on the next album has begun.


June 4, 2015
New Donovan's Brain Album
Another Man Done Gone

The completion of the new Donovan's Brain coincided with the news that our long time
co-conspirator Richard Treece had passed away at his London home on May 26th, 2015.

Ron Sanchez and Richard Treece were first introduced in 1978. In the early 90s Nigel Cross suggested to Ron that he reconnect and see what assistance he could offer to Richard and his band then known as the Archers. When Donovan's Brain MK2 collapsed, Richard and Ron hatched a plan to salvage the tracks recored for Eclipse And Debris. The results encouraged them to continue to collaboration over the next three albums.

An appearence at the Seattle Terrastock Festival was a highlight of this effort. Richard also played on several tracks which appeared on various compilations. Most recently Richard was heard on the Donovan's Brain - Nomads split EP No Cops Haul Ass.

Richard Treece 1949 - 2015


February 15, 2015
Donovan's Brain, Nomads and Deniz Tek Reviewed



January 27, 2015
Donovan's Brain and Deniz Tek Back In The Studio

Deniz has been recording vocals for his new album this last week in Hawaii. Bob Brown has flown over to do the recording. A session has been booked for the Sping in Bozeman. Two new tracks weill be recorded as well as guitar overdubs.

Meanwhile finish work on the Donovan's Brain album has resumed. 14 songs have been selected for inclusion on the album. A work list has been drawn up and everyone assigned tasks.

Shambaholic was review on the Terrascope website. Read it Here

Shambaholic and the recent 7" releases should now be found on iTunes and other digital platforms. The Deniz Tek 45 has been expanded to include three bonus tracks. These are from the same live session that produced the b-side cove of Oh Well. You can read the I-94 Bar review of the latter Here


December 24, 2014
Radio Birdman Paddington 1977 and Radios Appear Vinyl Now In Stock

The career shop is now taking orders for the Radio Birdman Paddington Town Hall double album and the Trafalger Edition of Radios Appear. The Box Set is now sold out. We are unable to get more copies. There are no plans to repress this at this point. Buy Here


Novenber 24, 2014
Deniz Tek Live On Rabid Track

November 4, 2014
Donovan's Brain - Shambaholic Now Streaming At Green Monkey

The new Donovan's Brain release Shambaholic has been chosen the Green Monkey Album Of The Month by label boss Tom Dyer. The complete album and bonus tracks are streaming all month at Green Monkey Records     LIsten Here


October 25, 2014
Order New Deniz Tek And Donovan's Brain Releases Now

We are now shipping orders for the three latest Career Records releases. Denz Tek's Crossroads, The Brain- Nomads Split EP and Shambaholic are selling briskly, with copies sent to the far ends of the world. We expect all three to sell out.

Career Records Shop


August 26, 2014
New From Career Records

The third part of our newest release is now headed to press. Twenty years after it was originally completed Shambaholic is now set for its first release. The 16 songs have now been mastered and the cover art is complete. The limited edition Shambaholic CD will only be available by mail order from the Career Records Shop. The album will be bundled with a copy of the rare Light Proof Visions EP which contains four original 1994 Shambaholic mixes.




July 6, 2014
New Donovan's Brain Release
Deniz Tek Live Radio Session

Donovan's Brain appear on the the Dwight Twilley Tribute, Twilley Won't Mind. Released this week. Other participants include Michael Carpenter, Matt Keating, Spike Priggen, and True Stories (Bart Mendoza). This limited edition CD is now available from the Career Shop.

Deniz Tek recorded a live session and was interviewed for Jack Rabid's Big Take Over Show on Break Through Radio. The show debuts June 9th. This session features Deniz backed by Ric Parnell, Bob Brown and Ron Sanchez, the group that recorded the bulk of the Detroit album. The two hour show features four songs recorded for this broadcast, interview and some choice records selected by Jack.



June 10, 2014
Roy Loney Tears Up The North West
Deniz Tek In Europe

Roy Loney played two North West shows this weekend with the Trip Wires and The Minus 5. The show at Mississippi Studios in Portland was a barn burner. Scott McCaughey sat in on piano and vocals. The show was professionally recorded and may find a release in the future.

Deniz Tek's tour has gotten off to a good start. Nick from the Nomads dropped in on the Stockholm show to say hello.



June 2, 2014
Donovan's Brain Lost Album Restored

Donovan's Brain have set aside work on the new album to complete work on the unreleased 1994 album Shambaholic. The current plan is to release this at the same time as the new EP. This limited edition CD release will include the original 12 track album, 3 songs from the Butterfly Wheel cassette and the unreleased title track recorded for the Eclipse And Debris. Ric Parnell has recorded new drums and the band have added some new parts. The whole lot is currently being remixed. You can read more about this at the Donovan's Brain page.








May 17, 2014
Deniz Tek In The Studio And On The Road

Deniz returned to Montana this month with the goal of recording the basic tracks for his new album. Work began in Billings where the thirteen new demos were reviewed. Time was also allotted to add guitar solos on two of the new Donovan's Brain tracks. The following week the Deniz, Ric Parnell and Ron Sanchez regrouped in Bozeman for three days of recording. The final day was dedicated to recording a live in the studio performance which will be broadcast in July. One of the live tracks, a cover of the 1969 Fleetwood Mac single Oh Well has been selected for the B-side of a new Career single. Another single will be available at the tour merch table. This one features the album track Can Of Soup on the top side. The flipside is a previously unreleased instrumental Song For Dave.


28/05 LANCASTER, PA - USA - American Bar & Grill
29/05 NYC - USA - Bowery Electric (w/STEVE WYNN & The Miracle 3)
30/05 LONG BRANCH, NJ - USA - Brighton Bar
03/06 OSLO, NORWAY - Kulturhuset 
04/06 MOSS, NORWAY - Tivolikjeller 
05/06 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Lilla Hotellbaren
06/06 HALDEN, NORWAY - Feelgood
07/06 GOTEBORG, SWEDEN - Henriksberg
08/06 MALMO, SWEDEN - Folk & Rock
09/06 HAMBURG, GERMANY - Hafenklang 
10/06 BERLIN, GERMANY - White Trash 
11/06 TBA
12/06 NANCY, FRANCE - Royal Royal Pub
13/06 PARIS, FRANCE - La Mecanique Ondulatoire 
14/06 KORTRIJK, BELGIUM - The Pit's 
15/06 HONFLEUR, FRANCE - La Batolune 
16/06 ROUEN, FRANCE - Le 3 Piece Muzic Club 
17/06 KOLN, GERMANY - Sonic Ballroom
18/06 BAYREUTH, GERMANY - Schokofabrik
19/06 GENEVE, SWITZERLAND - La Graviere - Les Acacias
20/06 STUTTGART GERMANY - Goldmark's 
21/06 ARCO (TN), ITALY - Festa della Musica
22/06 ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - Wirtschaft Zum Transit 
23/06 VOGOGNA (VB), ITALYLa Loggia del Leopardo
24/06 BRESCIA, ITALY - Lio Bar 
26/06 LA SPEZIA, ITALY - Boss 
27/06 ANCONA, ITALY - Fun House 
28/06 BUCINE, ITALY - Spectre Club
29/06 BARZANÒ (LC), ITALY - Fin Qui Tutto Bene Festival
30/06 TBA, ITALY
01/07 ZANÈ (VI), ITALY - Cascina Irma 


March 27, 2014
Deniz Tek New Record And A European Tour

Deniz Tek will be returning to the studio in early May to resume work on the follow up to Detroit. Several songs were recorded in the summer of 2013. It is hoped the balance of the album can be tracked over the two days scheduled. Deniz, Ric Parnell and Bob Brown will also be recording a radio session for Jack Rabid. Time has also been booked for Deniz to added guitar to the new Donovan's Brain album.

Dates for a June European Tour should be confirmed soon. What for that announcement.


January 27, 2014
New Release 2014

Expect a pair of singles at the end of summer. The plan is to release a Deniz Tek 45 and a Nomads - Donovan's Brain split EP. This will be all unreleased material. Deniz plans to record the A-side when he visits in May. The flip was recorded during the course of the Detroit sessions.

Donovan's Brain are offering up a song recorded for Turned Up Later, but not used. A second Brain track may be added to their side. The Nomads contribute a cover of an unreleased Brain song they recorded in 1999. This also features appearances by Richard Treece and Ron Sanchez.


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