a defeat of echoes

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Career CDS-8117
Released April 2005

1. Come To My Party
2. Decade Of Days
3. Whispers And Tears
4. The Boy Who Cried New Town
5. When The Summer Comes

6. Open Your Mind
7. Penny For Your Thoughts
8. When You’re Falling
9. A Defeat Of Echoes

10. Invisible Diamond Man
11. Control
12. So Far Gone
13. The Little Prince

14. City Morning
15. Rezolution
16. Bondi Tombstone
17. Yul Brenner

Ron Sanchez - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Colter Langan - vocals, guitars
Ron Craighead - drums, vocals, percussion, guitar
Jeff Arntsen - bass, guitars, organ, vocals
Deniz Tek - guitar
Richard Treece - guitar
Bobby Sutliff - guitar, vocals
Megan Pickerel - vocals

Produced by Ron Sanchez
Mixed by Ron Sanchez and Jeff Arntsen
Recorded at GLEA, Ant Fram, Skrang, and Jeff's

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A Defeat Of Echoes

A Defeat Of Echoes is the fifth musical offering from Donovan’s Brain, and their second for Career Records.

Once again Donovan’s Brain has defied attempts to fit them into any of the neat modern categories. The sounds range from precise guitar rockers, Elizabethan folk-rock, deep social commentary, politics of the heart, and West Coast guitar architecture. The four multi-instrumentalists who created A Defeat Of Echoes do not recognize any boundaries.

Upon the completion of their Career Records debut, The Great Leap Forward, the members of Donovan’s Brain, Jeff Arntsen, Ron Craighead, Colter Langan, and Ronald Sanchez were sure they had created something special. Even before it’s release, Donovan’s Brain and friends had returned to the studio to begin work on A Defeat Of Echoes.

Donovan’s Brain were again assisted in the studio by Career Records label head, Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) on guitar, Richard Treece (Help Yourself) on guitar, Megan Pickerel (Swoon 23) adding her distinctive voice, and power-pop legend Bobby Sutliff (The Windbreakers) on guitar and vocals.

In the spring of 2004, Donovan’s Brain joined label mates Roy Loney And The Longshots (Drunkard In The Think Tank) and Australian Penny Ikinger (Electra) for the Career Mini-Van Of Stars Tour in the tradition of the Motown and Stax-Volt Package Tours.


“…they are determined to show there are plenty of ways to create psychedelia that take their cues from all the right places but still remain modern.” - Broken Face (Sweden)

“…tightly constructed harmonious pop tunes, with well absorbed influences that include pre-Tommy Who, Abbey Road Beatles, The Misunderstood, early Pink Floyd, Flamin' Groovies, Byrds, Kinks...” – Dream Magazine (USA)