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Career KCLP-1451
Released August 2019


1. You Never Said
2. Better Loosen Up
3. Let You Away
4. What Comes Next
5. Making Things Better By Making Them Worse

All songs written and performed by Fraudband
Recorded by Loki Lockwood in Melbourne, Australia
Mixed by Loki and the band

Donovan's Brain

1. Gandy Dancer (Sanchez) 4.00
2. Kelp Whip (Sutherland) 4.00
3. Hear Me (Hughes) 4.00
4. Two Old Cats (Sanchez) 4.00
5. Flash Containment (Sanchez - Koch) 3.20

Kris Hughes - vocals (3,4), acoustic guitar (3,
Kels Kock - vocals (5)
Ric Parnell - drums
Ron Sanchez - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass
Tom Stevens - bass (2,4)
Scott Sutherland - vocals (1), guitars (1)
Bobby Sutliff - guitars (2,3), organ (3)
DenizTek - guitar (5)

Recorded and Mixed at GLEA
Additional Recording at:
Skrang, Happenstance, Pillboxand Super Tiny Records
Another Loaded Deluxe Production








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Burnt Trees In The Snow


Burnt Trees In The Snow is an intercontinental Australian and American psych conspiracy featuring Fraudband and Donovan’s Brain on this split album release. This is the first collaboration between Career Records and Kasumen Records.

It is something of a David Vs Goliath affair in that Donovan’s Brain employ an eight piece band over five new songs whereas Fraudband duo it up once again, recording live in the studio one afternoon. The results are an appealing contrast.

Montana’s Donovan's Brain delivers their Technicolor brand of Paisley Pop jangle finished with Abbey Road textures and West Coast guitar sounds. The band share the writing responsibilities on the new songs. Appearing on this album are Tom Stevens (Long Ryders). Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers), Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Scott Sutherland (Model Rockets), Ric Parnell (Atomic Rooster, Spinal Tap), Kris Hughes (My Girl The River, and Main Brain Ron Sanchez. Original Brain Kels Koch makes a cameo appearance as well.

The plan for this release came together on short notice. A discussion in December resulted in an agreement being reached in January. At this point there were more than twenty songs on the short list for the next two Donovan's Brain albums. Two songs had been completed and final mixes recorded. Two more were selected and a new one was written for this album.

Gandy Dancer is a rewrite of a failed song. Ric's drums elevated the track fromm the discard folder. New words were written, one of the two dream inspired songs.It is also one of the two songs about science and technology.

Scott Sutherland's Kelp Whip was on the short list for Heriloom Varieties, but in the end held back for the next album. This song was nearly complete, only needing keyboard overdubs and a final mix.

Hear Me is a song Kris offered after working on Heirloom. Some test work on it had been carried out at the time. For this release the song was stripped back down to bass and drums. Bobby Sutliff recorded new guitar parts and the solo. He also added the melodic organ line in the verse. A string arrangement was created to replace the orignal guitar idea. Synths and piano were also added before the final mix. A new sound for the Brain.

Two Old Cats dates back to 2017. Tom Dyer asked if the Brain had a song for a Christmas compilation last fall. I figured this one could be reworked to suit that requitement. Kris took it and wrote new words, new melody and rearranged it. The new song was called Gray Whiskers. She also sang the original words too. I mixed both songs at the same time. This is my original idea.

You can hear Gray Whiskes Here.

The newest song for the album was also derived from a dream. In the dream 13th Floor Elevator was singing over the opening credits of a Steve McQueen movies. A track was quickly recorded and lyrics completed. It was decided that original Brain Kels Koch would sing it. Deniz Tek was assigined the lead guitar duties. This may be the fasted a Brain song as gone from concept to release.

Fraudband hails from Melbourne Australia. They bring a guitar and drum instrumental sound to the proceedings. The results landing somewhere around planet Sonic Youth aboard the good ship Link Wray.

The five songs on the Fraudband side of the album were originally released on a Japanese only cd Blinkered Vision And Blurred Horizon. The other five songs on Blinkered Vision had previously been appeared on Fraudband’s split LP with The Bevis Frond a couple of years back.

The album includes a download that adds six bonus tracks, three from each band. The Donovan’s Brain bonus tracks are out takes from the Convolutions Of The Brain triple CD box set. This promo CD includes an alternate version of Tad’s New Cymbal Stand, which features Richard Treece from the UK psych legends Help Yourself.