turned up later

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Career CDS-8047
Released March 2013

1. [listen] Take Me With You When You Go (Sutliff)
2. As The Crows Fly (Sanchez)
3. It's Alright With Me (Langan - Miller)
4. My Own Skin (Sutliff)
5. Small Circles (Sanchez)
6. Restless Nights, Many Dreams (Sutliff)

7. Cardboard Army (Sanchez - Tek - Miller)
8. Manager Of Time (Sanchez)
9. Morningside Dream (Sutliff)
10. Red Wing Spy (Sanchez)
11. Fulcrum (Sutliff)
12. In Search Of Connie Companion (Sanchez)
13. Your Number (Langan) *album bonus track

Ron Sanchez - guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion
Bobby Sutliff - guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Tony Miller - vocals, mellotron, efx
Scott Sutherland - vocals, guitars
Ric Parnell- drums, percussion, vocals
Colter Langan - guitar
Deniz Tek - guitar
Bob Brown- bass
Lila Cebulla - Vocals
Matt Piucci - guitar
Clare Moore - vibes
Jeff Arntsen - bass

Produced by Ron Sanchez and Bobby Sutliff
Arranged by Donovan's Brain
Recorded at GLEA, Skrang, Color Wheel, Pill Box, and Pondarosa









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Turned Up Later

The dust hadn't even settled when Donovan's Brain returned to the studio after the 2009 release of Fires Which Burnt Brightly. Ron Sanchez and Bobby Sutliff were anxious to maintain the creative energy which had served them well.

Turned Up Later is a psychedelic storybook taking you on a journey to a landscape where birds dream and men fly. Melody and guitars, as always, are the common thread that binds the diverse intentions of Donovan’s Brain. Along the way, encounters with Matt Piucci, from the newly reformed Rain Parade and Clare Moore, from Dave Graney and the mistLY, add new textures to the mixture.

Step off the edge with the fuzz guitar driven opener, Take Me With You When You Go. If you are lucky, you will land on your feet when In Search Of Connie Companion fades away. The 12 song album is an unrelenting fast paced trip full of unexpected changes in direction. The claustrophobic It's Alright With Me gives way to the wide screen expanse of My Own Skin. Restless Nights, Many Dreams was penned for an unrealized Windbreakers reunion. The dual guitar attack of Bobby Sutliff and Deniz Tek will remind you that this is Donovan's Brain.

Ric Parnell is given free rein. He turns in a poly rhythmic tour de force on Small Circles, a swirling tale of despair and dislocation. Cardboard Army might be an anti-war anthem, but you may not know it from the crafty assault on the drums. Add Matt Piucci's phosphorus guitar playing and it becomes a West Coast fueled odyssey.

Over the course of 7 albums, Donovan's Brain has specialized in creating ancient-to-future psychedelic rock with an evolving cast of willing participants. Turned Up Later is the first in a series anticipated releases from the revitalized band.

Aiding and abetting on Turned Up Later are regulars Ron Sanchez, Bobby Sutliff, Deniz Tek, Tony Miller and Bob Brown. New faces Ric Parnell (Spinal Tap, Atomic Rooster) and Scott Sutherland (Model Rockets) add power and depth to already complex sound

The 13 song, three sided vinyl edition offers longer and in some cases radically different version of the contents.

Two songs recorded during the Turned Up Later sessions have been released on the Skrang, Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff and Starry Eyed Records Tribute compilations.