la familia

Career CDS-8108
Released September 2005

1. Damned
2. Final Chance
3. One Eye Open
4. Mirror Demons*
5. Swell
6. Can I Ever Get Away With Anything
7. Happy New Year
8. Crime And Punishment
9. Skipjack
10. La Familia

Joey Kline - guitar, vocals
Rupert Kettle - guitars
Frank Trevino - bass, vocals
Richard Mockler - keyborads, guitar
James Cookman - drums

Produced by Ron Sanchez and Conrad Uno*
Recorded at GLEA, and Egg Studios*

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La Familia

La Familia is the second album from The Plaintiffs, and their first for Career Records.

The Plaintiff's are fronted by Montana native, and long time Seattle figure, Joey Kline. Over the past 20 years, Joey has been associated with Roy Loney And The Longshots, Strike 3, The Squirrels, Prudence Dredge and Cropduster to name just a few.

Joey Kline has written ten hard boiled, true crime short stories for La Familia. Desperation, betrayal, addiction, and guilt are just a few of the subjects that he has tackled. His trademark whimsy is still part of his song writing, but for the most part has moved to the background or transformed itself into a biting surrealism and a look at the darkest side of the human condition.

The Plaintiffs: Joey Kline (guitar, lead vocals), Richard Mockler (guitar, keyboards), Frank Trevino (bass, vocals) James Cookman (drums), and Rupert Kettle (lap steel, and guitar) have become a tight and versatile band in the two years since they recorded their debut, To Helen In A Hand Basket. In the months after La Familia was completed, Patrick Gray has joined The Plaintiffs on lead guitar, replacing Rupert Kettle

The Plaintiffs returned to Montana to record La Familia, which was produced by Career Records A&R man, Ronald Sanchez (Donovan's Brain). It was Career label boss, Deniz Tek who signed the Plaintiffs and sequenced the final running order of the album.

There are more than a few who think of Joey Kline as one of Seattle's great rock singer/songwriters and on La Familia he fulfills their expectations and then some.

What The Press Has Said About The Plaintiffs:

"Long before the 'Grunge Era', here in Seattle, we had a pretty burgeoning Pop scene going on in the late 80's. Joey Kline is a hidden gem of the Northwest. I hope this record becomes something more than everything Joey Kline has done before. Joey has assembled yet another hard hitting line up of Seattle musicians for his latest project, The Plaintiffs""
- Erik 4-A