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Reports, Raves and Rants

•••This is just a place to collect some record and book reviews, radio interviews, radio play lists, recording studio information, and random writings•••

kglt logoKGLT-fm Play Lists

Ron Sanchez began working on the radio in1968. Over the years he was heard on KSJO, KOME and KSAN. Since 1981, Ron has hosted a show at KGLT, in Bozeman. The Friday afternoon 3 - 6 slot has been his regular show for at least the last ten years. You can listen on a live stream at kglt.net. If you can't tune in, the read the play lists and imagine what it might have sounded like. Ron's show is heard every other week. The studio phone is 406-994-4492, but we can't promise any one will have time to answer.

jimi hendrix hear my musicRecord Reviews

When we have a Career board meeting, we listen to a lot of music, and discuss. No matter where we might travel to, there is always time to search out the best record shops in the world, and buy heaps more music. When time allows, we will review the latest finds. The Beach Boys career, Hendrix "official bootlegs", and a few of our Welsh friend's releases are taken under consideration. This new page might inspire more time at the typewriter. Tastes here tend to the old and obscure, so don't expect to read about Oasis and Paul Weller here, Mojo and Uncut do a fine job with that.

glea studioGLEA The Career Records Recording Studio

Most of the Career releases have been recorded at God's Little Ear Acre, the in house studio. Ron Sanchez and Deniz Tek have booth produced a number of bands outside the label roster, and enjoy the process. Over the last twenty years some of our favorite musicians have passed through Bozeman, to record or contribute to the various projects we are working on. The Nomads, the Young Fresh Fellows, Ken Stringfellow, Richard Booth are just a few of the artists who have spent time in the comfortable confines of GLEA. Take a tour of the studio, and have a look at some of the other studios we work with to make the records we release. Gear, guitars, guts and guns...

beach boys stack of tracksRecord Storage The Beach Boys And Other Ramblings

The first essay published here is a look at the problem of too many records, and not enough space. Its a constant battle being fought in the studio. Get the records up off the floor and filed correctly so they can be found. Ron has also dished out a Beach Boys Buyer's Guide, to help introduce you to the music of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys beyond Pet Sounds. I'm not sure what else will land here, but you can probably expect to see vacation diaries, and what ever else doesn't fit in on the other pages in the Reports Department. When we started, there were plans for some food related pieces, but that never got beyond the first curry recipe. Cooking and eating a good meal is always part of the activites when we are working in the studio. There is plenty of web storage space that we pay for, so I guess well just try to fill it up with something of interest.

strange brewInterview Pod Casts

Ron Sanchez has interviewed a few people on his radio show, including authors Richie Unterberger and Christopher Hjort; Jason Lylte, Roy Loney and Deniz Tek. These free wheeling conversations are full of music chosen by the subjects and to illustrate the books under discussion. There are some live studio performances too. Roy, Jason, Penny Ikinger, Russell Smith and Chris Von Sniedern have all performed on Ron's show. Both Penny and CVS were also filmed for documentries, which should be released soon. The new Report Pages are just being built, so not all the material is linked. You should be able to navigate to some of these "hidden pages" once you land on one of the old style pages. It'll all get sorted out shortly, and more content will be added then. Some of the old pages will be combined into a more organized format. This department page is just the first part of the last phase of the rebuild. There might even be a story about rebuilding the web sites coming, but don't hold your breath. The fact the rebuild has come this far this quickly is an unexpected treat. Knock yourself out.....