I recently had the chance to talk to Christopher Hjort author of this amazing book. The interview is being broadcast on the Piledriver segment of my show on KGLT. You can hear it live at 91.9 in South West Montana or on the web at KGLT.net. This lengthy interview will run about 10 segments over the next few months. There will be plenty of music, including some rare recordings from this period. The deeper discussions will appear in 2008 as a part of the KGLT annual fund drive.

If you are not able to listen to the broadcasts, the chapters will be posted here for you to down load. They will be posted a few days after the original broadcast. All nine chapters are now up loaded. This will conclude the main interview. If you enjoy hearing Chris talk about this music, please search out his book and the original recordings by the artists.


Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 3 August 2007 (mp3)

Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 17 August 2007 (mp3)

Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 31 August 2007 (mp3)

Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 14 September 2007 (mp3)

Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 28 September 2007 (mp3)

Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 12 October 2007 (mp3)

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Christopher Hjort On Piledriver 21 December 2007 (mp3)


Strange Brew Eric Clapton And The British Blues Boom
Christopher Hjort Foreword by John Mayall

288 pages
Over 100 B&W photos
ISBN: 978-1-906002-00-8
£18.95 / $29.95 February 2007


Richie Unterberger has written a whole shelf of great books, the newest being The Unreleased Beatles Music & Film. It's just that; a discussion of virtually every bit of Beatles music not officially released. Film too. Richie called in an interview for KGLT. We there was so much I wanted to discuss, about this new book, and his other volumes, far too much for one show.

Four chapters focused on this book have aired, and over view and then three longer segments that were a feature of the 2007 KGLT Fund Drive. I will return to the raw material in the near future as we managed to cover a lot of musical territory over the nearly three hour talk. You can read about Richie's other books and writings at his own site www.richieunterberger.com



Part 1 The Overview (mp3)
Part 2 The Early Years
Part 3 Middle Years
Part 4 The Last Years

The Unreleased Beatles
Richie Unterberger

Over 100 B&W photos
ISBN: 0879308923
390 pages

The Unreleased Beatles details the incredible breadth of music The Beatles recorded but did not release, as well as film footage of the group that hasn't been made commercially available. Beatles expert Richie Unterberger examines a huge array of material, including unreleased studio outtakes, BBC radio recordings from 1962-1965, live concert performances, home demo recordings, fan club Christmas recordings, and other informal demos done outside of EMI studios. The staggering wealth of unreleased gems encompasses The Beatles' entire career, from a recording the Quarrymen made on July 6, 1957 (aka “the day John met Paul”), right up to outtakes from the final sessions of Let It Be in 1970. Also includes a general overview of Beatles bootlegs, their songs recorded by other artists in the 1960s, never-recorded material, and more than 100 photos.




This is the day-by-day story of the 60s British blues boom, centering on key guitarists Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and Mick Taylor and the groups that they played in from 1965 to 1970 -John's Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Blind Faith, The Rolling Stones, Delaney & Bonnie, and more. The book highlights Clapton's time between The Yardbirds and his '70s solo career, turning up a multitude of fascinating, never-before- published details in the process. It features a comprehensive account of Clapton's Greek “odyssey” in 1965, including the true story of The Glands and Greek band The Juniors, fresh insight into John Mayall's recording with Bob Dylan, enlightening new details about the musical activities and aims of Cream, and charts how The Rolling Stones' comeback in 1969-70 saw the group turning from pop stars into rock icons. Readers will discover the single live event that provided the opportunity to see and hear Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton, the reviewer who described Fleetwood Mac's



'Albatross' as “a maudlin Mantovani number”, the gig at which Mick Taylor and The Rolling Stones were surreptitiously recorded for one of the first rock bootlegs, LiveR Than You'll Ever Be, and the Swedish reporter who described Clapton as sounding “like a lightning strike in a guitar factory”. The book's day-by-day format, peppered with great photographs and memorabilia, reveals the way the musicians behind the blues boom worked together, influenced each other, and pushed one another to ever greater achievements. Strange Brew uses intensive research to present and explain the work of some of the music's greatest musicians in a unique and engaging format. Christopher Hjort (born 1958) is a rock historian who combines a love for popular music with an interest in typography and graphic design. He has written record reviews and artist profiles in various Norwegian music magazines. In 2000, together with noted American researcher Doug Hinman, he published an acclaimed chronology of Jeff Beck's career, Jeff's Book. Hjort has also worked as a semi-professional guitarist, and toured and recorded two albums with Norway's first cajun and zydeco group, Bygg Band. The group's second album was recorded in Crawley, Louisiana, in 1984, together with cajun and zydeco legends Link Davis Jr. (sax), Michael Doucet (fiddle), and Cleveland Chenier (rub board). He lives in Oslo, Norway, where he collects literature on popular music and guitars and works as an advisor in a communications company he co-founded in 1990.