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It's no surprise that six of the eight initial Career Records releases were record entirely or in part at God's Little Ear Acre. By default, GLEA has become the Career in-house recording facility. God's Little Ear Acre was established in 1989 as an 8-track analog recording facility. In 1995 the Fostex G-16 was installed. At the end of 1996 GLEA was completely rebuilt, adding more square footage, two isolation booths, and a live echo room. Over the Summer of 2004, GLEA underwent another major upgrade. A new computer and mixing desk were installed. GLEA is now a digital-analog hybrid studio.

Since the late 80's GLEA has been home to Donovan's Brain, but has always operated as a commercial studio hosting a long list of local and international artists including Jason Lytle, The Nomads, The Young Fresh Fellows, Sunset Valley, The Onyas, Richard Booth, Angie Pepper, and Roy Loney.

Writing, playing and recording music are a favorite pastime enjoyed by Deniz Tek and Ron Sanchez. A familiar, stress free environment is key to attaining successful results. the boardA full compliment of instruments and amps mean all one has to bring is the ideas. Spending time in the studio is great fun, but it's more fun when time and money are not an issue. Digital recording also means we can take our music to any of the network of studios around the world we work with. It's not uncommon for contributions to an album to be sent to us in the mail or via the telegraph wire. These non-traditional methods have made it easier for us to work with musicians who have never set foot in Montana. Recording to tape was and still is a wonderful format, but the issues involved in moving between studios was always a concern.

Deniz and Ron are available for outside production projects. GLEA is open to to the public on a limited basis. If you are interested in discussing having one of us record or produce your project you can drop us a line. Production Inquiries